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Long Cafe Hoop

Long Cafe Hoop

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Tube "OD"
Long Cafe Racer Seat Hoops

Universal hoops are a "starting point" for your build only. May need to be cut, bent, modified etc.. to fit your project.

Tuffside "universal" long cafe hoop that measures about 25" - 26" long (total), and about 8" center to center on the tube.

Available in 1" OD OR 7/8" OD tubing.

You can spread the hoop open or closed a bit to fit your project by standing on one side and pulling the other (if your strong enough), or putting it in a vise and prying it open or closed with another piece of tubing for leverage.

These hoops are designed to replace your stock top frame tubes - you can cut the excess off the front, bend them up, in, out whatever you need for your custom project.

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