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Long Cafe Hoops

Long Cafe Hoops

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Tube "OD"
Long Cafe Racer Seat Hoops

Universal hoops are a "starting point" for your build only. May need to be cut, bent, modified etc.. to fit your project.

Tuffside "universal" long cafe hoop that measures about 25" - 26" long (total), and about 8" center to center on the tube.

Available in 1" OD OR 7/8" OD tubing.

You can spread the hoop open or closed a bit to fit your project by standing on one side and pulling the other (if your strong enough), or putting it in a vise and prying it open or closed with another piece of tubing for leverage.

These hoops are designed to replace your stock top frame tubes - you can cut the excess off the front, bend them up, in, out whatever you need for your custom project.

As with ALL custom products these are not meant to "FIT YOUR BIKE" some modification will be required

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